the way home

18 Apr

Long colorful chain.
Of white, silver, grey, black, and occasional blue, red and yellow cars.
The chain is tight on the black weathered tarmac.
They move slowly and skillfully.
They move fast and recklessly.
On the road that leads to homes.

Sometimes we are ahead.
Other times we lag behind,
Overtaken with a swoosh, and another.
On the road that leads to homes.

The road winds over the hills and between mountains.
The vegetation is lush and green.
Fresh winds.
Cool air.
The road.
Dotted by herds of animals,
Cattle, sheep and goats, here and there.
Sometimes with a shepherd with a staff across his shoulder and a dog or two,
staring at the ongoing and incoming vehicles,
On the road that leads to homes.

Large colorful billboards advertise insurance, drinks,churches, businesses, schools, gas stations, telephone providers, hotels and motels.
Signs welcoming and bidding farewell in towns and counties.
Cyclists and motor-bikers with huge luggage or two to three passengers dangerously ride along the highway.
Various markets of fresh farm produce mainly fruits, are the regular pit stops for the drivers, consenting to the wishes of their impulse buying passengers.
Yellow bananas, green bananas, Oranges, fleshy pears, big mangoes, enormous pawpaws and watermelons.
Beautiful vegetables all over.
Roadside merchants and travelers haggling.
Unfinished buildings.
Neat fences on roadside homes.
Falling fences.
Puddles, ponds and shallow dams.
Bright pastel colors, on people, umbrellas, plastic sheets, canvases, buildings and boards.
On the road that leads to homes.

The road is clear, we speed.
The road is jammed , we slow.
We ascend.
We descend.
Across bridges.
Sharp bends.
Steep ascents.
Careful drivers.
Reckless drivers.
On the roads that leads to homes.

Tall trees,Taller masts.
Short trees,Shrubs.
Big stones, Deep ridges.
Rivulets and rivers.
Cacti, Flowering aloes.
Isolated houses and homes.
Many hills.
On the road that leads to homes.

Groups of Christians reenacting ‘the way of the cross’ for the umpteenth time.
Lonely pedestrians.
Happy walkers.
Children playing,
Corrupt traffic police officers, seeking meager bribes from the motorists.
Large Tractors on the farms ploughing, harrowing, spraying and harvesting.
Large fields of wheat, rye, oats, hops and canola.
Small farms of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
On the road that leads to homes.

Blue skies.
Warm weather with a sun that gives a tan.
Cloudy skies.
Heavy rains.
Chill and cold, you may need a coat.
On the road that leads to homes.

It’s a long way home,
Bad music playing on the stereo.
Tired passengers.
Sleepy passengers.
Four and half hours,
on the road that leads to homes

Happy there’s leave

17 Apr

A bump here.
A bunk there.
Over the clouds,
Through other clouds.
Up Eighteen thousand feet,
Up eighteen degrees of heat.

Everyone full of chatter,
Even the cups did clutter.
A smile here,
A laugh there,
Everyone was happy to leave,
Everyone was happy there was leave.

On the windows the rain sputter,
Beyond the clouds, the  lightning flash with a shutter,
And there’s thunder.
More bumps,
More bunks.
We are happy there’s leave.

Easter is yonder,
Hearts are fonder,
We are happy there’s leave.

What is happening to our moral fences?

17 Apr

Under the breezy Neem trees, under the gazebo, five colleagues sat eating their usual breakfast which they had already gotten fed up of and lacked other options.  There was Crepe Suzette in honey, Chai latte with a dash of ginger, Spanish omelette, Mahamri, Bread and Coffee.  There was no sausages that morning. Sausages was the only breakfast item they never got tired of.  It never lasted the week. And they always complained to the chef about mid week shortage of sausages. They always wondered why the kitchen did not bring in enough supplies to last the whole week.  (I know you may be wondering  why anyone could get tired of the crepes and why they appear for breakfast.) Yes, Crepe Suzzetes were eaten for breakfast there. People did not have time for desserts, so the crepes appeared on the breakfast table and not on lunch or dinner tables.  And yes, one could get tired of them, especially if they are had daily. It’s all about monotony and lack of culinary surprise from the chef.  They had twenty minutes to eat. After exchanging the morning greetings, the table was quiet for about five minutes.  Then the conversation was started.27064 Continue reading

I miss her

16 Apr

Fading slowly…

They said, “You need to be strong”,

“You need to hang in there”,

“You don’t know why she was chosen amongst the throng”,

And I knew it was not fair.


Like the sunset on the western skies,

She is fading.

I tear, I sob and she can hear my cries,

And she knows it is ending,

Ending slowly…


She is gone.

I still think about her,

I dream about her,

I talk to her.

I tell her what is wrong.


What’s wrong

Is, I don’t know how to be strong.

I’m weak

All through the weeks,

I’m weak.


Now I miss her,

I miss her everyday.


15 Apr

Their eyes met for the first time,

But their hearts were already acquainted to each other.

His eyes smiled,

Her heart laughed.

They knew what they had,

They knew not what they had.

Smothered by love,

consumed my lust,

inundated by infatuation,

they held  hands and walked away.

Laughing, unsure if they’ll walk back.

Convinced, and happy that they may never be back,

And they may never be unsure.

They walked away, unsure.



Nairobi History

8 Apr


Eccentric ride :-)

I’m reminded

8 Apr

I’m reminded today of the sagacious words,

knitted together,

softly and carefully.


Today, i ran into these words.

Words that remind me of my love,

my love for poetry.


These beautiful words,

These somber words,

That belong to Alfred Edward Housman


“Into my heart an air that kills

From yon far country blows:

What are those blue remembered hills,

What spires, what farms are those?


That is the land of lost content,

I see it shining plain,

The happy highways where I went

And cannot come again”.

I’m reminded…


violent-dangerous love

28 Mar

It was after 2.30 in the morning and he had just arrived from his usual nightly escapades. She may have been waiting for him. No sooner had the door to their apartment opened than the large outbursts commenced. That’s what woke me up. Things were hurled and came crashing down in the house. Insults were hurled by both parties. The apartments’ night sentry seemed not to be surprised by the commotion. Thump! Something banged on the hard wall upstairs. I winced. I sat silently on the bed wishing it was not her head.  “Keep your voices down, people are asleep.” I heard the sentry calling unto the couple from the stairs.domestic violence

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What may have happened to flight MH370 of Malaysian Airlines

11 Mar

There are many theories out there of what may have happened to the flight MH370 of Malaysian Airlines. Some of these theories include acts of terrorism – where two of the passengers on board travelling on stolen passports are suspected to have hijacked the plane. Some speculate that there must have been an explosion on board that may have been caused by a lightning strike or   severe decompression  causing sudden loss of cabin pressure hence breaking the plane apart (no debris has been spotted yet in the search). Others think that the plane may have had a mechanical fault because of the unusual U-turn attempt in the final moments before radar contact was broken off. Others say that the plane suddenly stalled after the auto-pilot was disengaged as they compare it with  the the loss of Air France Flight 447, which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean in 2009.  Others think it may have been hijacked by UFOs. Others think that it may have been swallowed in the Bermuda triangle. While others opine that the pilots could have taken the plane off autopilot and somehow went off course and did not realize it until it was too late. I am no expert, but i an proponent of the last theory and i will explain why.

Recently, i have been reading(i am still reading)   The Optimism Bias a book by Tali Sharot. In its first chapter, Tali asks “Which way is up?” as she tries to explain the visual and cognitive illusions of the human brain. In explaining the cognitive illusion, Tali draws from the crash of the plane of Flash Airlines in 2004 flight 604. This flight had not sent any distress signal which makes it similar to the loss of MH370. There were many hypotheses made just like those made in the case of MH370. But investigations into the crash revealed that the pilot suffered from Spatial Disorientation. Our bodies have the natural ability to maintain our orientation and or position in relation to the surrounding environment at rest and during motion. During spatial disorientation, our bodies become unable to correctly determine the position. This phenomenon is peculiar to aircraft pilots and underwater divers. To pilots, there is inability to correctly interpret aircraft attitude, altitude or airspeed, in relation to the Earth or point of reference. It happens when the pilot has no visual clues especially when flying through a dense cloud or in pitch darkness over an ocean or sea.

During this disorientation the pilot is convinced that he is flying straight when the plane is in a tilted turn, or when the pilot is coming out of a level turn feels that the plane is diving. Any effort to correct those illusions may detrimentally affect the course of the plane. However, using the plane’s navigational system rather than relying on our brain’s perception may help the situation. It is probable that the pilot(s) of flight MH370 may have experienced this disorientation and tried to correct it as its radar tracking shows change of course.

It is amazing that the it is the ear and the skin that is tasked with the orientation of the body at inertia and in motion. The vestibular nerve and the semicircular canals of the ear and the Proprioceptive receptors of the skin help up to know which way is up. There are many illusions which may have occurred to the pilot(s) of flight MH370 leading to its disappearance from radar and or crash. But unless the plane is found or its debris are recovered together with the black box and investigation is carried out, we may never know what happened to MH370.


Diaper Mentality: Shit Needs To Change – Kenyan Society is a Model of Stupidity (A.k.a a Love/hate Letter to My Country)

9 Mar


You sentiments resonate with me Phillip. Shit needs to change.

Originally posted on Walubengo's Den:


Dear Country of Mine,

One day I will write about this place. But not today. That’s a shout out to one Binyavanga Wainaina, for reasons I will explain later.

Well, here we are again. We are an educated society. We are hardworking. We are religious. We have embraced capitalism wholeheartedly. We value family and friendship. So why is the rain beating us? Shit needs to change. When you are on the wrong path, correct yourself, adjust and get back on track. You hear me Mavuno? I have beef with the following people, institutions and ideas. Mad beef. Shit needs to change. I wanted to name this article Africa kills her Sun. But most wouldn’t understand the reference. And I’m more concerned with Kenya. This article is dedicated to Wangari Maathai, Tom Mboya, Dedan Kimathi and Ken Saro Wiwa. And Nelson Mandela. It has taken me time to accept the departure…

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